Tips to Make Your Website Faster

When you use WordPress, it’s easy to add lots of extras to your website, but this can make your website slow. A slow website can make visitors unhappy and can also cause your website to rank lower on Google. Here are some simple tips to help keep your website fast and efficient:

  1. Most Important! Choose fast and secure hosting. It might seem obvious, but don’t try to save too much money on hosting. If you want a really good option, consider Hostinger, get latest deal here or InterServer, get latest deal here.
  2. Use the “WP Astra” theme if you’re to build your website. Stick with this theme unless you have a very strong reason to change. It’s fast and secure theme that is regularly updated and maintained.
  3. Try to use fewer plugins. If you have 3 plugins that do the same thing, you only need one. Keep the number of plugins as low as you can.
  4. Use fonts that are stored on your website instead of fonts that load from somewhere else on the internet. This can help your site load faster.
  5. Make your images smaller in size. Some websites have very large images, which can slow down the website. Try to keep your images under 500kb and not too wide. You can use tools like TinyPNG, img2go, or bulkresize to make your images smaller.
  6. Set up your website’s design settings once and use them everywhere. If you’re using WP Astra, you can do this in the Site Settings.
  7. Use dynamic content to avoid storing the same content twice. If something appears in two places on your website, it should be loaded from one place.
  8. Use “Lazy Load” for images. This means the images on your website only load when they need to, which can make your website faster.
  9. Choose the right optimization plugin and don’t use too many. If your hosting service offers one, like Litespeed technology, then use the Litespeed plugin.
  10. By following these tips, you can help make your website faster and more enjoyable for your visitors.
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