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In the realm of political campaigning, the importance of efficient membership management cannot be overstated. With numerous software options available, the decision can often become overwhelming. Two such powerful platforms, Wild Apricot and MemberPlanet, have made a notable mark in this industry. This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of these two systems, taking into account their unique features, differences, similarities, advantages, and situations where one may be preferable over the other.

What is Wild Apricot and what is MemberPlanet?

Wild Apricot is a cloud-based membership management software service that’s ideal for small to mid-sized organizations. The platform offers a comprehensive range of features, such as website building, membership database management, event registration, and email marketing. This allows organizations to automate and streamline administrative tasks, increase efficiency, and create more engaging experiences for their members. Political campaigners often use Wild Apricot for member management, fundraising, event planning, and communication needs.

On the other hand, MemberPlanet is a full-featured platform dedicated to helping groups of any size manage and communicate with their members. This solution offers diverse tools including email marketing, event registration, membership dues collection, survey creation, and a comprehensive communication suite. MemberPlanet is also utilized by political campaigners and candidates  for its seamless integration, allowing for efficient membership management, fundraising, event organization, and personalized communication.

Key differences between Wild Apricot and MemberPlanet

  1. Pricing Structure: Wild Apricot offers a free version and a free trial, while MemberPlanet only provides a free trial.
  2. User Interface: MemberPlanet boasts a more modern and intuitive user interface compared to Wild Apricot.
  3. Customization: Wild Apricot offers more customization options for your website and membership forms than MemberPlanet.
  4. Training: While both offer online and documentation support, Wild Apricot provides live online and in-person training, which is not available with MemberPlanet.
  5. Integration Capabilities: MemberPlanet provides more third-party integrations than Wild Apricot, making it potentially more versatile depending on your existing software ecosystem.
  6. Email Marketing: MemberPlanet offers more advanced email marketing tools compared to Wild Apricot.

Key similarities between Wild Apricot and MemberPlanet

  1. Cloud-Based: Both Wild Apricot and MemberPlanet are cloud-based platforms, making them accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  2. Event Management: Both software offer robust event management features, such as online registration, ticketing, and calendars.
  3. Membership Management: Wild Apricot and MemberPlanet both provide comprehensive membership management tools, including member databases, online payments, and membership renewal automation.
  4. Communication Tools: Both platforms include a variety of communication tools like email marketing and newsletter distribution.
  5. Fundraising Capabilities: Both services support online donation collection and offer fundraising tools, making them useful for political campaigns.
  6. Support: Both platforms provide strong customer support through email, phone, and online resources.

Pros of Wild Apricot over MemberPlanet

  1. Pricing Options: Wild Apricot offers a free version of their software, which can be a cost-effective choice for smaller campaigns or organizations.
  2. Customization: With Wild Apricot, there is greater customization freedom in areas like website design and membership form creation.
  3. Training: Unlike MemberPlanet, Wild Apricot provides live online and in-person training options which can be advantageous for users who are new to such platforms.
  4. Simplicity: Wild Apricot’s user interface may be less modern, but some users find it simpler and more straightforward to use.
  5. Membership Limit: Unlike MemberPlanet, Wild Apricot doesn’t impose a limit on the number of contacts you can have in your database, which may be useful for larger campaigns.
  6. Database Management: Wild Apricot’s member database management system is often praised for its thoroughness and ease of use.

Cons of Wild Apricot compared to MemberPlanet

  1. User Interface: MemberPlanet has a more modern, intuitive user interface which some users may find easier to navigate.
  2. Integration: MemberPlanet offers a broader range of third-party integrations, making it a more versatile choice for campaigns that rely heavily on other software tools.
  3. Email Marketing: While both offer email marketing tools, MemberPlanet’s features in this area are more advanced and varied.
  4. Mobile Application: MemberPlanet’s mobile application is more robust and feature-rich compared to Wild Apricot’s.
  5. Payment Processing: MemberPlanet offers a wider variety of options for processing payments and dues.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: MemberPlanet offers more advanced reporting features, providing a more detailed understanding of membership engagement and campaign performance.

Pros of MemberPlanet over Wild Apricot

  1. User Interface: MemberPlanet features a modern, intuitive user interface that many users find easy to navigate.
  2. Third-Party Integrations: MemberPlanet provides a wider range of third-party integrations, which can enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of your campaign.
  3. Advanced Email Marketing: MemberPlanet offers more advanced email marketing tools, enabling more personalized and effective communication strategies.
  4. Robust Mobile App: MemberPlanet’s mobile application provides a comprehensive set of features, making it easier to manage your campaign on the go.
  5. Payment Processing Options: MemberPlanet offers more diverse options for processing payments and membership dues.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: MemberPlanet’s superior analytics and reporting capabilities can give a more comprehensive understanding of your campaign performance and member engagement.

Cons of MemberPlanet compared to Wild Apricot

  1. Pricing Options: Unlike Wild Apricot, MemberPlanet does not offer a free version of their software, potentially making it a more expensive option for smaller campaigns.
  2. Customization: MemberPlanet has fewer customization options compared to Wild Apricot, particularly when it comes to website design and membership form creation.
  3. Training: MemberPlanet does not offer live online or in-person training like Wild Apricot, which could be a disadvantage for users unfamiliar with such platforms.
  4. Simplicity: Although MemberPlanet has a more modern interface, some users may find Wild Apricot’s simpler and more straightforward interface easier to use.
  5. Membership Limit: Unlike Wild Apricot, MemberPlanet imposes a limit on the number of contacts you can have in your database, which may restrict larger campaigns.
  6. Database Management: Wild Apricot’s member database management system is often considered more comprehensive and user-friendly.

Situations when Wild Apricot is better than MemberPlanet

  1. Budget Constraints: Wild Apricot offers a free version of their software, making it the better choice for smaller campaigns with tight budgets.
  2. High Member Database: If your campaign has a large member base, Wild Apricot’s unlimited contacts feature could be more suitable.
  3. Need for Customization: If you require substantial customization, especially in website design or membership forms, Wild Apricot would be the better option.
  4. In-person or Live Online Training: If you’re new to membership management software and could benefit from live online or in-person training, Wild Apricot would be preferable.
  5. Simplicity Over Modernity: If you prefer a simpler user interface over a modern one, you might find Wild Apricot easier to use.
  6. Comprehensive Database Management: If you need a robust and user-friendly member database management system, Wild Apricot may be more suitable.

Situations when MemberPlanet is better than Wild Apricot

  1. Need for Integrations: If your campaign relies heavily on other software tools, MemberPlanet’s wider range of third-party integrations could be more beneficial.
  2. Advanced Email Marketing: If you require advanced email marketing tools, MemberPlanet’s more varied and refined features may be preferable.
  3. Mobile Application Use: If you plan to frequently use a mobile application for managing your campaign, MemberPlanet’s robust mobile app would be the better choice.
  4. Multiple Payment Processing Options: If your campaign needs diverse options for processing payments and dues, MemberPlanet would be a better fit.
  5. Detailed Reporting: If you require advanced analytics and reporting to understand your campaign performance and member engagement, MemberPlanet would serve your needs better.
  6. Modern User Interface: If you value a modern and intuitive user interface, MemberPlanet would be the ideal choice.

Wild Apricot vs MemberPlanet Summary

In conclusion, both Wild Apricot and MemberPlanet serve as powerful tools in the world of political campaigning. While each software carries its own strengths and weaknesses, the choice between them ultimately depends on the specific requirements of your campaign. The comparison provided in this article should help elucidate these differences and guide you in making an informed decision that best supports the goals and needs of your political campaign. Be it Wild Apricot or MemberPlanet, both platforms offer robust features that can effectively streamline your membership management and enhance the success of your campaign.

Feature/AspectWild ApricotMemberPlanet
User InterfaceSimpler, less modernModern, intuitive
Pricing OptionsOffers free version and free trialOnly free trial
Third-Party IntegrationsLimitedMore extensive
TrainingLive online and in-person training offeredOnly online and documentation support
Email MarketingBasic toolsMore advanced tools
Mobile ApplicationBasic featuresMore robust
Membership Database LimitUnlimitedLimited
Customization OptionsMore extensiveLimited
Payment Processing OptionsLimitedMore diverse
Reporting and AnalyticsBasicMore advanced
Pros Over the OtherMore pricing options, more customization, better training support, easier database managementBetter user interface, more third-party integrations, advanced email marketing, robust mobile app, diverse payment processing
Cons Compared to the OtherLess modern user interface, fewer integrations, basic email marketing, basic mobile appNo free version, less customization, no live training, membership database limit
Better in SituationsBudget constraints, large member database, high customization need, preference for live training, simplicity in user interfaceNeed for integrations, advanced email marketing requirement, frequent mobile app usage, diverse payment processing needs, preference for detailed reporting and a modern user interface
Wild Apricot vs MemeberPlanet Summary

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