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In the age of digital fundraising, political candidates must choose the right platform to streamline their donation process and maximize their campaign’s potential. ActBlue and PayPal are two prominent players in the online donation landscape, but which one is the best fit for your campaign? In this comprehensive comparison of ActBlue vs PayPal, we will explore the key differences, similarities, pros, and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision.

What is ActBlue and what is PayPal?

ActBlue is a nonprofit organization that provides an online fundraising platform specifically designed for Democratic candidates and progressive organizations in the United States. Founded in 2004, ActBlue simplifies the donation process, making it easier for supporters to contribute to their preferred candidates and causes.

PayPal, on the other hand, is a global online payment system that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive money securely. Founded in 1998, PayPal has since become a widely accepted payment method for various transactions, including political donations.

Key Differences between ActBlue and PayPal

  1. Purpose: While ActBlue primarily serves Democratic candidates and progressiveorganizations , PayPal is a universal payment platform suitable for various types of transactions, including political donations to candidates from any party.
  2. Fee structure: ActBlue charges a 3.95% processing fee for each donation, while PayPal’s fees for political donations vary depending on the account type and transaction volume, ranging from 2.2% to 2.9% plus a fixed fee per transaction.
  3. Recurring donations: ActBlue offers robust recurring donation options, allowing supporters to set up monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions easily. In contrast, PayPal offers recurring donations, but the setup process is less intuitive and requires more effort from donors.
  4. Fundraising pages: ActBlue provides customizable, mobile-responsive fundraising pages with built-in social sharing features, making it easy for candidates to create and share branded donation pages. PayPal, however, does not offer the same level of customization and branding for donation pages.
  5. Compliance and reporting: ActBlue automatically handles compliance reporting for political donations, simplifying the process for candidates and their teams. PayPal does not offer this service, meaning campaigns must manage their compliance reporting manually.
  6. Payouts: ActBlue transfers donations to candidates’ bank accounts daily, while PayPal allows for instant access to funds but may hold funds under certain circumstances, such as for account verification or risk management purposes.

Key Similarities between ActBlue and PayPal

  1. Security: Both ActBlue and PayPal prioritize security, using encryption and other measures to protect users’ personal and financial information.
  2. Payment methods: Both platforms accept major credit cards and debit cards, making it easy for supporters to donate using their preferred payment methods.
  3. Mobile compatibility: Both ActBlue and PayPal offer mobile-friendly donation experiences, ensuring that supporters can contribute seamlessly from their smartphones or tablets.
  4. Refund policies: Both platforms have clear refund policies in place, allowing donors to request refunds within specified time frames if necessary.
  5. Customer support: ActBlue and PayPal provide customer support through email and online help centers, ensuring that users have access to assistance when needed.
PurposeDemocratic candidates & progressive causesUniversal payment platform
Fee Structure3.95% processing fee per donation2.2% to 2.9% + fixed fee per transaction
Recurring DonationsRobust, easy-to-use optionsAvailable, less intuitive setup
Fundraising PagesCustomizable, mobile-responsive, brandedLimited customization and branding
Compliance and ReportingAutomatedManual
PayoutsDailyInstant access, potential holds
Payment MethodsMajor credit and debit cardsMajor credit and debit cards
Mobile CompatibilityYesYes
Refund PoliciesClear and specified time framesClear and specified time frames
Customer SupportEmail and online help centerEmail and online help center
ScopePrimarily U.S. political landscapeGlobal presence
Additional Financial ServicesNoneInvoicing, merchandise sales processing, etc.
ActBlue vs PayPal

Pros of ActBlue over PayPal

  1. Designed for political fundraising: ActBlue’s primary focus on political fundraising means that its features and tools cater specifically to the needs of candidates and their campaigns.
  2. Compliance reporting: ActBlue’s automated compliance reporting simplifies the process for political campaigns, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  3. Customizable fundraising pages: ActBlue’s branded, mobile-responsive fundraising pages make it easy for campaigns to create and share donation pages that resonate with supporters.
  4. Robust recurring donation options: ActBlue’s intuitive recurring donation system encourages long-term commitment from supporters, providing campaigns with a steady stream of funds.
  1. Daily payouts: ActBlue’s daily payout schedule ensures that campaigns have consistent access to the funds they need to run their operations.
  2. Community-driven: ActBlue’s commitment to Democratic candidates and progressive organizations fosters a sense of community among its users, which can be beneficial for networking and collaboration.

Cons of ActBlue compared to PayPal

  1. Limited scope: ActBlue exclusively serves Democratic candidates and progressive organizations, meaning it’s not suitable for candidates from other political parties or non-progressive causes.
  2. Higher fees: ActBlue’s 3.95% processing fee can be higher than PayPal’s fees for political donations, which can impact a campaign’s overall fundraising success.
  3. Less global reach: ActBlue primarily focuses on the U.S. political landscape, while PayPal has a more extensive international presence.

Pros of PayPal over ActBlue

  1. Universality: PayPal’s global presence and broad range of applications make it a more versatile option for political campaigns that seek to reach international supporters or diversify their fundraising sources.
  2. Lower fees: PayPal’s fees for political donations can be lower than ActBlue’s, allowing campaigns to retain more of the funds they raise.
  3. Instant access to funds: PayPal’s instant access to funds can be advantageous for campaigns that require immediate financial resources.
  4. Flexibility: PayPal’s diverse range of services, such as invoicing and payment processing for merchandise sales, provides additional flexibility for campaigns to manage their finances.

Cons of PayPal compared to ActBlue

  1. Less political focus: PayPal’s broader application means that it may not cater specifically to the unique needs of political candidates and their campaigns.
  2. Manual compliance reporting: With PayPal, campaigns are responsible for managing their compliance reporting, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.
  3. Limited fundraising page customization: PayPal does not offer the same level of customization and branding for donation pages as ActBlue, which may impact a campaign’s ability to connect with supporters.
  4. Less intuitive recurring donations: PayPal’s recurring donation setup is less user-friendly than ActBlue’s, which could deter supporters from committing to long-term contributions.
AspectActBlue ProsActBlue ConsPayPal ProsPayPal Cons
Political FocusDesigned for political fundraisingLimited to Democratic candidates & progressive causesVersatile platform for various types of transactionsLess political focus
Fee StructureHigher fees (3.95%)Lower fees (2.2% to 2.9% + fixed fee)
Recurring DonationsRobust, easy-to-use optionsLess intuitive setup
Fundraising PagesCustomizable, mobile-responsive, brandedLimited customization and branding
ComplianceAutomated compliance reportingManual compliance reporting
PayoutsDaily payoutsInstant access to funds, potential holds
CommunityCommunity-driven, fostering networking & collaborationLess global reachGlobal presence, access to international supporters
FlexibilityDiverse range of services (invoicing, merchandise, etc.)
Pros and cons of ActBlue vs PayPal

Situations when ActBlue is better than PayPal

  1. For Democratic candidates and progressive organizations seeking a platform specifically designed to meet their fundraising needs.
  2. When compliance reporting is a top priority and campaigns want to streamline the process.
  3. For campaigns that want to create fully customizable, branded fundraising pages to engage supporters.
  4. When seeking a platform with a strong focus on recurring donations to encourage long-term support from donors.
  5. When daily access to funds is crucial for campaign operations.

Situations when PayPal is better than ActBlue

  1. For candidates from other political parties or non-progressive causes seeking a versatile online donation platform.
  2. When lower fees are a priority and campaigns want to maximize their fundraising revenue.
  3. For campaigns that require instant access to funds for immediate financial needs.
  4. When a campaign wants to tap into PayPal’s global presence and reach international supporters.
  5. For campaigns looking to leverage additional financial services, such as invoicing and merchandise sales processing.
Campaign AffiliationDemocratic candidates and progressive organizationsCandidates from other political parties or non-progressive causes
Compliance ReportingStreamlined automated compliance reportingCampaigns managing their own compliance reporting
Fundraising PagesCustomizable, branded, mobile-responsive fundraising pagesLimited customization and branding for donation pages
Recurring DonationsEncourage long-term support with intuitive recurring donation optionsLess user-friendly recurring donation setup
Access to FundsDaily access to funds crucial for campaign operationsInstant access to funds for immediate financial needs
International PresenceFocused on U.S. political landscapeBroad global reach and ability to tap into international supporters
Additional Financial Services (Invoicing, Merchandise)Campaigns leveraging invoicing and merchandise sales processing
Situations when ActBlue is better than PayPal and Vice Versa

ActBlue vs PayPal Summary

When comparing ActBlue vs PayPal, political candidates must consider their unique campaign needs and priorities. ActBlue offers a tailored experience for Democratic candidates and progressive organizations, with features like automated compliance reporting and customizable fundraising pages. In contrast, PayPal provides a more versatile option with lower fees and a broader range of services.

Ultimately, the choice between ActBlue and PayPal will depend on your campaign’s specific requirements, goals, and target audience. By carefully evaluating the pros and cons of each platform, you can make an informed decision that will help your campaign succeed in the digital fundraising landscape.

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