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As political candidates, selecting the right platform for your campaign can be a critical decision. Two leading options in the market, Action Network and NationBuilder, offer powerful solutions for organizing, engaging, and mobilizing your supporters. In this article, we delve into the Action Network vs NationBuilder debate, comparing key features, pros and cons, and evaluating which platform may be better suited for different situations. By the end, you will have a deeper understanding of these platforms to help you make an informed decision.

What is Action Network and what is NationBuilder?

Action Network is a progressive online organizing platform that empowers organizations and individuals to build powerful campaigns, mobilize supporters, and raise funds effectively. It offers a suite of tools such as email, petitions, fundraising, events, and more, specifically designed for grassroots movements and nonprofits.

NationBuilder, on the other hand, is a comprehensive software platform that combines website building, CRM, and communication tools, allowing political candidates, nonprofits, and advocacy groups to build and manage their online presence, engage with supporters, and drive action. NationBuilder is known for its scalability, catering to organizations of all sizes.

Key differences between Action Network and NationBuilder

  1. Target audience: Action Network primarily targets progressive organizations and grassroots movements, while NationBuilder caters to a broader audience, including political candidates, nonprofits, and advocacy groups from various political backgrounds.
  2. Pricing structure: Action Network offers a freemium model with basic features, while its paid plans are tiered based on the number of contacts. NationBuilder, however, offers tiered pricing based on the number of contacts, without a free tier.
  3. Integration: NationBuilder offers a more extensive range of integrations with third-party applications compared to Action Network, providing greater flexibility for customizing your platform.
  4. Website building: NationBuilder includes a robust website builder with customizable themes, whereas Action Network does not provide a native website builder.
  5. Customizability: NationBuilder allows for greater customization through its API and developer resources, while Action Network tends to be more streamlined and focused on its core features.

Key similarities between Action Network and NationBuilder

  1. CRM: Both platforms offer powerful CRM tools for managing supporter data, segmentation, and targeting.
  2. Communication tools: Action Network and NationBuilder provide email, text messaging, and social media integration, allowing you to engage with your audience effectively.
  3. Fundraising: Both platforms include fundraising tools, such as donation pages, recurring donations, and tracking.
  4. Event management: Action Network and NationBuilder enable you to create, promote, and manage events, with tools for RSVPs, ticketing, and volunteer sign-ups.
  5. Reporting and analytics: Both platforms offer in-depth reporting and analytics features to help you track campaign progress and measure success.
Feature/AspectAction NetworkNationBuilder
Target AudienceProgressive organizations & grassroots movementsPolitical candidates, nonprofits, advocacy groups
Pricing StructureFreemium model with tiered plansTiered pricing without free tier
CustomizabilityLimited customization optionsGreater customizability through API & resources
Website BuildingNo native website builderRobust website builder with customizable themes
IntegrationsSmaller ecosystemLarger ecosystem with more third-party integrations
CRMPowerful CRM toolsPowerful CRM tools
Communication ToolsEmail, text messaging, social media integrationEmail, text messaging, social media integration
FundraisingFundraising toolsFundraising tools
Event ManagementEvent creation, promotion, and managementEvent creation, promotion, and management
Reporting & AnalyticsIn-depth reporting and analytics featuresIn-depth reporting and analytics features
Action Network vs NationBuilder

Pros of Action Network over NationBuilder

  1. Freemium model: Action Network offers a free tier, allowing smaller campaigns or organizations to access its core features without incurring costs.
  2. Focus on progressive campaigns: Action Network’s dedication to progressive campaigns can be an advantage for candidates who align with their values and goals.
  3. User-friendly interface: Action Network is known for its intuitive interface and ease of use, making it more accessible for beginners.
  4. Built-in action forms: Action Network provides customizable action forms, such as petitions and surveys, to help you engage with your audience and collect data.
  5. Community: Action Network fosters a sense of community among its users, providing resources, support, and networking opportunities for progressive organizations.

Cons of Action Network compared to NationBuilder

  1. Limited customization: Action Network offers fewer customization options than NationBuilder, especially for advanced users or developers.
  2. No native website builder: Unlike NationBuilder, Action Network does not provide a built-in website builder, requiring you to use third-party platforms or custom solutions for your website needs.
  3. Smaller ecosystem: Action Network has a smaller ecosystem compared to NationBuilder, which may limit your options for integrations and third-party applications.
  4. Narrower target audience: Action Network’s focus on progressive campaigns may not be suitable for all political candidates or organizations with different ideologies.
  5. Limited scalability: While Action Network is great for grassroots movements, it may not be as well-suited for larger campaigns or organizations that require more extensive features or customization options.

Pros of NationBuilder over Action Network

  1. Comprehensive platform: NationBuilder offers a wide range of features, including website building, CRM, communication tools, and more, making it a one-stop-shop for political candidates and organizations.
  2. Greater customizability: NationBuilder’s API and developer resources allow for more extensive customization, catering to advanced users and developers.
  3. Wider audience appeal: NationBuilder caters to a broader range of political candidates, nonprofits, and advocacy groups, regardless of their political affiliations.
  4. More integrations: NationBuilder offers a larger ecosystem of third-party integrations, providing more flexibility and options for your campaign.
  5. Scalability: NationBuilder is designed to support organizations of all sizes, making it an ideal choice for growing campaigns or organizations with more complex needs.

Cons of NationBuilder compared to Action Network

  1. No free tier: Unlike Action Network, NationBuilder does not offer a freemium model, which may make it less accessible for smaller campaigns or organizations with limited budgets.
  2. Learning curve: NationBuilder’s extensive features and customizability may come with a steeper learning curve, especially for beginners.
  3. Less focus on progressive campaigns: NationBuilder’s broader target audience means it may not cater specifically to the unique needs and values of progressive campaigns as Action Network does.
  4. Potentially higher costs: Depending on the size of your organization and the features you need, NationBuilder’s pricing may be higher than Action Network’s.
  5. Less community-oriented: While NationBuilder offers resources and support, it may not foster the same sense of community as Action Network, particularly for progressive organizations.
AspectAction NetworkNationBuilder
Pros1. Freemium model1. Comprehensive platform
2. Focus on progressive campaigns2. Greater customizability
3. User-friendly interface3. Wider audience appeal
4. Built-in action forms4. More integrations
5. Community support5. Scalability
Cons1. Limited customization1. No free tier
2. No native website builder2. Steeper learning curve
3. Smaller ecosystem3. Less focus on progressive campaigns
4. Narrower target audience4. Potentially higher costs
5. Limited scalability5. Less community-oriented
Pros and cons of Action Network vs NationBuilder

Situations when Action Network is better than NationBuilder

  1. Small or grassroots campaigns: Action Network’s free tier and user-friendly interface make it a great option for smaller campaigns or organizations just starting.
  2. Progressive organizations: Action Network’s dedication to progressive campaigns ensures that its features and community are tailored to your specific needs and values.
  3. Limited budgets: The freemium model offered by Action Network allows organizations with limited budgets to access essential tools without incurring costs.
  4. Focus on core features: For campaigns that prioritize simplicity and ease of use, Action Network provides a streamlined experience without sacrificing core functionality.
  5. Community support: Progressive organizations looking for networking opportunities, resources, and a sense of community may find Action Network a better fit.

Situations when NationBuilder is better than Action Network

  1. Larger campaigns or organizations: NationBuilder’s scalability and extensive feature set make it well-suited for larger campaigns or organizations with more complex needs.
  2. Customization requirements: NationBuilder offers more customization options, making it ideal for advanced users or developers who need to tailor the platform to their specific needs.
  3. Broader audience appeal: For political candidates, nonprofits, or advocacy groups with diverse ideologies, NationBuilder provides a more inclusive platform.
  4. Comprehensive platform: Organizations looking for a one-stop-shop for website building, CRM, communication, and more will find NationBuilder to be a more comprehensive solution.
  5. Integration needs: NationBuilder’s larger ecosystem of third-party integrations offers more flexibility and options for organizations that rely on multiple tools and applications to manage their campaigns effectively.
ituationsAction NetworkNationBuilder
1. Organization SizeSmall or grassroots campaignsLarger campaigns or organizations
2. Political AffiliationProgressive organizationsDiverse ideologies
3. Budget ConsiderationsLimited budgetsBudgets allowing for paid plans
4. Focus on Core FeaturesPrioritizing simplicity and ease of useComprehensive platform with extensive features
5. Community and SupportSeeking community support and networkingNot prioritizing community-oriented resources
Situations when Action Network is better than NationBuilder and vice versa

Action Network vs NationBuilder Summary

In the Action Network vs NationBuilder debate, both platforms offer powerful features and tools to help political candidates effectively engage with their supporters, raise funds, and drive impactful campaigns. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs, values, and goals.

Action Network is an ideal choice for progressive campaigns, grassroots movements, and smaller organizations that value community support, ease of use, and a free tier. Meanwhile, NationBuilder caters to a broader audience, providing a more comprehensive platform, extensive customization options, and scalability for growing campaigns.

By carefully considering the pros, cons, and situational factors, you can determine which platform is the best fit for your campaign, ensuring you have the right tools and resources to achieve your objectives and make a lasting impact.

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